Saturday, February 12, 2011

♥✿~Happy Rabbit Year~✿♥

It's Chinese New Year!! It's finally here, woohoo!!! How wonderful it is to hear the songs of the fire crackers and fire works around your house area once the clock struck 12.00am. Sadly, this year we don't have the chance to actually play the fireworks, maybe because my cousin is not around... nevertheless, we still get to see so many fireworks from our neighbours and from far. We can see a variety of shapes and sizes of the fireworks, the sky turned colourful at night, and we can sense the Chinese New Year is really here!

The funny is that, after 30 minutes of enjoying the fireworks, once we got into the house, here comes the heavy rain... waaahhhhhhhh~~~

So, the rain continued to next morning, obviously first day of Chinese New Year is raining, well, it's normal because you get more rain than sunlight in Kuching, unlike West Malaysia. I got up at 6.30am, to have a nice bath to prepare for the wonderful New Year, wore my new dress that I bought, and for us as FooChow, it is our tradition to eat what we call "Longevity noodles", or called mee suah, in the morning of the first day of CNY as it brings long life and prosperity to us throughout the year. After having our breakfast, the first thing we must do is to attend church for New Year's blessings. The service started at 8.30am, and it was still raining... My goodness...>.<

The lesson for this year preached by the pastor is, do not compare and do not bother about unnecessary things (不比较,不计较). This message was so true and meaningful as it applies to everyone's life in reality, that all of us will actually compare things such as our body figure, family background, education, even our lives to others, and also bother about things which are not important than seeking God in life. I think the message fits the new year well, as it is a lesson that teaches us how to make our lives better by listening to God's words on this issue, even if we are not good in many things, as long as God knows, and He loves us, that is enough.

After the service, of course, we can go bai nian!!! Those food are waiting for us... Opps~ XD
But not much visiting this year, only went to few houses that we know, and back at home before noon, plus it was still raining, so as long as I can get to visit, it's enough for me. ^^

(Me in my new dress... ^^)

(The sistas~♥♥♥)

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

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  1. i learnt tat do not compare the amount of ang paus u had wif other ppl....^^