Saturday, February 12, 2011

♥✿~Happy Rabbit Year~✿♥

It's Chinese New Year!! It's finally here, woohoo!!! How wonderful it is to hear the songs of the fire crackers and fire works around your house area once the clock struck 12.00am. Sadly, this year we don't have the chance to actually play the fireworks, maybe because my cousin is not around... nevertheless, we still get to see so many fireworks from our neighbours and from far. We can see a variety of shapes and sizes of the fireworks, the sky turned colourful at night, and we can sense the Chinese New Year is really here!

The funny is that, after 30 minutes of enjoying the fireworks, once we got into the house, here comes the heavy rain... waaahhhhhhhh~~~

So, the rain continued to next morning, obviously first day of Chinese New Year is raining, well, it's normal because you get more rain than sunlight in Kuching, unlike West Malaysia. I got up at 6.30am, to have a nice bath to prepare for the wonderful New Year, wore my new dress that I bought, and for us as FooChow, it is our tradition to eat what we call "Longevity noodles", or called mee suah, in the morning of the first day of CNY as it brings long life and prosperity to us throughout the year. After having our breakfast, the first thing we must do is to attend church for New Year's blessings. The service started at 8.30am, and it was still raining... My goodness...>.<

The lesson for this year preached by the pastor is, do not compare and do not bother about unnecessary things (不比较,不计较). This message was so true and meaningful as it applies to everyone's life in reality, that all of us will actually compare things such as our body figure, family background, education, even our lives to others, and also bother about things which are not important than seeking God in life. I think the message fits the new year well, as it is a lesson that teaches us how to make our lives better by listening to God's words on this issue, even if we are not good in many things, as long as God knows, and He loves us, that is enough.

After the service, of course, we can go bai nian!!! Those food are waiting for us... Opps~ XD
But not much visiting this year, only went to few houses that we know, and back at home before noon, plus it was still raining, so as long as I can get to visit, it's enough for me. ^^

(Me in my new dress... ^^)

(The sistas~♥♥♥)

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫


















♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

Trip Back to Kuching

Wow! It's so exciting to go back to my hometown again since May last year... but, something's changed, my sister is with us, and my cousin is no longer there, she's at other place... T.T

Nevertheless, my family and I were quite excited to go back, excited until the rain came tumbling down that morning as we took the taxi down to KLIA. It was so cold and cloudy that morning, but luckily we arrived early at the airport, so we got time to have Burger King as our lunch~!! Yum yum
(KL International Airport - The Lobby)

(SS-ing at the departure hall... XP)

The flight was delayed to around 3pm, as the original time was 2pm due to some technical problem (as usual), and it was still raining heavily as we departed from KLIA. The flight went on smoothly, and we too enjoyed our lunch during the flight... XD

As we reached Kuching International Airport, we nearly lost on
e of our luggage, we waited for so long for it (luckily is not the important ones... >.<) and finally we got it, phew~~ "Hak sei ngo ar"~~

Then we went home, and was raining as usual, we bathed and went out for
dinner, and nearly got ourselves wet because of heavy rain and thunderstorm, haih~ What a rainy day... The next day, we went out for breakfast with my one of my relatives for breakfast, then we enjoyed our lunch too at a restaurant nearby with my aunt and uncle (too bad my dad didn't join us, if not he would have enjoy all these... XP)

(Ginger sauced duck... My mum's favourite...)

(Special made shark's fin soup... my mum's favourite too... XD)

(Deep-fried butter prawns... look at the size of it... yummy!!!)

(Steam cucumber with scallop sauce... ^^)

(Sambal vegetable... some sort of "paku pakis" that only can be found in Sarawak...)

(Sweet and sour fish fillet...)

We went to look around Kuching too, to enjoy the scenery... A lot of things have changed, since I remembered when I was young...

(Swinburne University of Australia ...)

(New shops in Kuching town...)

(the Spring shopping mall... The only shopping we can go to.. XD)

It's really a big development that Kuching is making, we used to see the trees and some small animals around us, now the buildings start to conquer this town, and we no longer see those greens anymore, how sad it could be, and more cars and traffic jams everyday.. Could it be the next KL?? I hope not... XD

The feeling of coming back this time is different, maybe because my cousin is not around, and my aunt is not cheerful as she was as she misses her daughter, and the familiarity of this place seems more like a stranger to me, I just dunno why... but I'm always happy that I came back.

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The end of my 21st year...

Looking at the clock on the wall, I thought I was still in the year of 2010, which means... my mind is still wandering around that year... I can't even imagine how fast that the time can be, my mind is still thinking back of what presents I'd got for last birthday, what had happened last year, many things, many adventures and journey's I've been through, yet I'm still feel that I'm not mature and ready for the world yet.

Moments later, I will turn into another age, another life is waiting for me, is expecting me to step out my foot onto it. Am I getting old? Am I ready for the new challenge that God has prepared for me? Am I ready to step into the reality to fight for survival? I keep thinking and wondering, what would be my life be in this new age of mine.

I can't stop the clock from ticking, although I really want to... (>.<) Can I have more time on my 21st year again? Sometimes I wish that I could have change things that I've made in that year, the wrongs and sins of mine, made me hard to let it go, but God is always there for me, trying to tell me let go of it, so that I can move forward, to be with Him too, as He promised me that He will guide and love me.

I really want to thank my family and my friends for accompanying me to get through my 21st year, and I love you all very much!!! Always do, and forever, like the way I love God. ^^

Love you all!! *Muakzzz*

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boring and Sleepy...

It's the second day I've been in Kampar. Well, it's because I have my camp that needs to attend. The camp is nice, but the second day seems to be a little bit boring...

Here in Kampar, seems nothing much for me to do, I felt so boring and motionless to do anything else other than a good rest and a good night sleep. What else more do I need these few days?? It's quite tiring actually, although is quite good attending the camp.

This morning, I nearly failed to wake myself up, it was a cold and freezing night here, and my blanket is so thin!! I slept late last night, as I chat with my best friend before we slept. As I woke up, I got headache, and the head just felt so heavy and dizzy, is it because of lack of sleeping hours?? I was so boring, that I went out last night for dinner with friends and went to cybercafe to spend my boring time there, of course, I played SDO... XD

I need to sleep for now, and yes, sleep is the most important thing, as for the time being... ^^

Nitez everyone!!!

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

Monday, January 10, 2011

ミ★ Thought for the Day ★彡

Thought for the Day

“People of accomplishment rarely sat back
and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫

Results is out!!!

Results is finally out!!! I was trembling, nervous, anxious, distracted...? My goodness, why today??? I thought it was just a rumour???

Anyway, I was not really tense about it, as I kinda released it as I went for badminton with Rach babez, Wendy gal and Ms. Weng Siu for badminton this morning. Nice way of releasing stress huh? Maybe you guys should try that too.

I got back home, after my lunch at the Stadium stalls there, I got a miss call, from my BFF (it means Best friend forever, in case you guys dunno the term..) and she told me the results is out!! Oh my goodness!! I quickly logged into my intranet, and click on the examination link... slowly... slowly I scrolled down.......... *Tink!* I passed!!!!! Phew~~~ It was a shock man! I thought I will do badly in that paper, but it seems it is better than I've expected. Thanks God for it, and the prayer that I've made.

All my friends got quite good results too, but not for some as maybe they kinda expected higher grades it seems? Anyway, good job Vicky!!! Although my CGPA remains the same... haih... Well, at least I didn't fail it right??

♫♪ Gaohujiejie ♪♫